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Drink of the Week for Nov 8th, 2001: Bazooka Joe

What we had to say

Now, for everyone who's never had a Bazooka Joe, the first thing we have to tell you is that it's a classic. Any bartender worth his salt should know how to make this. On the other hand, all your friends probably don't know what it is, so the next time you're having a night out, order a round of these and prepare to field the "What's that?" questions with an answer of "Trust me, you'll like it."

And what's not to like? It tastes kind of like bubblegum, but more in that alcoholic bubblegum sort of way. Blue Curacao, Banana Liqueur and Bailey's is what you'll need, 1 part of each. And please don't serve it with any sort of stupid comic, whatever you do.

Rating:   6.1 / 10   (135 votes)

Bazooka Joe Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2001-11-08. Check out the review!
Bazooka Joe drink recipe

Glass to Use

Shot glassShot glass

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake and strain into a shot glass. You can make multiple shots all at once, just keep the ratio of ingredients to 1 part each.

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