Feedback: Give it to us Hendrix-style!

Due to spambots and other nefarious entities that scour web pages for email addresses, we've been forced to use a feedback form instead of posting the actual email addresses that you can use to contact us. But, what the hey, it's not really any different than booting up your mail program. So, send us some feedback!

Please note that we don't have time to do recipe requests. If you were in Vegas and a bartender made you a really cool drink but you can't remember it, although you remember it had Atlantean Blueberry Syrup in it, odds are we're not going to be able to help you. Your best bet is, of course, to use our handy dandy Search Page, or the most excellent Recipe Browser to hunt through our database. If that doesn't work, try posting in the forums, as there's lots of knowledgable folks hangin' about. It's unfortunate that we can't research your requests, because we'd like to, but we don't have enough time. The best way to find a recipe is go to the source, and if you manage to find a drink that was worth hunting down, please submit it. If it's that good, you should share it with the world!

One more note: If you want to change your email address on the Drink of the Week newsletter, simply unsubscribe the old address and then sign up with the new one.

Now, make with the emailing....

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