Drinking Games

As we get our hands on drinking game rules, we'll share them with you here.

We only list top quality drinking games. We are well aware of other sites that claim to have dozens or hundreds of games - we've also looked at those games, and found them... craptastic.

We hand review and test these games, so only the best ones are listed. Nobody needs to browse through lists of stupid ones. If you have a game you'd like to share, definitely send us an email with the description, type and number of players, and we'll give it a go.

Game Type Players
21 Monkeys Coin 1 - 1
AnimaL Verbal 3 - No limit
Asshole Card 4 - 10
Beer Hunter Luck 2 - No limit
Beirut (Beer Pong) Coin 1 - 1
Bullshit Coin 1 - 1
Bus Driver Card 2 - 2
Buzz Verbal 4 - No limit
Categories Verbal 5 - No limit
Cheat (a.k.a. Bullshit) Card 4 - 11
Circle of Death Card 2 - No limit
Flip Cup Coin 1 - 1
Flip, Sip or Strip Luck 3 - No limit
Fuzzy Duck Verbal 6 - No limit
Green Glass Door Verbal 2 - No limit
I Never Verbal 5 - No limit
Let's Go Camping Verbal 2 - No limit
Quarters Coin 3 - 10
Screw Your Neighbour Card 4 - No limit
Spinners Coin 3 - No limit
Spoons Card 3 - 12
Task Master Other 3 - 7
Three Man Dice 3 - No limit
Up and Down the River Card 3 - No limit
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