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Drink of the Week for Oct 31st, 2003: Brain Tumor

What we had to say

Happy Halloween everyone!

This week's drink is a true Halloween classic. You end up with a gross brain-looking thing in the glass, which tastes great even though, you know, it's like drinking brains. We highly suggest you buy a round for your friends, serve it at a party, or use it to fulfill a diabolical scheme involving legions of the undead and the local mass-transit system. We've found that any of these methods earn you all sorts of attention.

If drinking wiggling red brains isn't your thing (What the hell is wrong with you, weirdo? Just kidding... it's cool, it's cool. Pansy.), we've got a whole list of Halloween drinks on the site at:

We're also kicking around party ideas in the forums. Come and tell us what you're wearing for Halloween and where you're going, and which houses have the best candy:

Oh, and if you see any skelety kinda guys, or maybe like some shuffling, groaning animated corpses while you're on the bus in the next couple of days, it's probably best to maybe avoid looking them in the eye. They are kind of angry about being not alive and all, and it's just better not to get in their way. Also, if anyone knows any black magic un-summoning rites, or has a good recipe for a batch of Zom-B-Gone, or has Milla Jovovich's phone number from Resident Evil, we'd be interested in hearing from you (especially if you have that phone number... rawr). We have a bit of a "living impaired" situation around here.

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Brain Tumor Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2003-10-31. Check out the review!
Brain Tumor drink recipe

Glass to Use

Shot glassShot glass

Drink Colour:

Multi-coloured (layered)


Mixing Instructions

Add peach schnapps to a shot glass. Slowly add Irish cream. Don't mix... the cream will clump together and settle to the bottom. It will look gross. Pour the grenadine over the cream lump for a completely disgusting looking, but really tasty Halloween party drink.

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