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Drink of the Week for Dec 31st, 2004: Aztec Punch

What we had to say

Well, it's almost a whole 'nother year again. That means resolutions! This year, instead of seeing how long we can keep our resolutions, we thought that it might be more fun to see how many we could break in as little time as possible. We can see you thinking to yourself "Well, that's too easy", so you might want to close your blinds, because we can also see you sitting around in your underwear. You're also wrong, because we normally design our resolutions so that we can't break them! This makes us feel much better about ourselves when we manage to keep them. This year is going to be different. We're going to break as many as we can, including:

  • not replacing co-worker's cellphones with rabid barn owls

  • not mixing gasoline with common household substances just to "see what will happen"

  • not violating Uruguay's airspace

  • not putting naked pictures of you on the internet

  • not lecturing the UN council about the serious threat of "Al-Dustbunnies"

  • losing 10 pounds

You can see how this it's going to be tough to break all these. The rabid barn owls alone are hard enough to find. Not that we've ever tried or anything.

Happy new year, and Drinknation.com wishes you the world in 2005! Well, maybe not the world, since we're going to be taking that over, but we'll wish you a few small countries anyway. Oh, and make arrangements to get everyone home safe tonight. See you next year!

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Aztec Punch Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2004-12-31. Check out the review!
Aztec Punch drink recipe

Glass to Use

Punch BowlPunch Bowl

Drink Colour:



  • 7 oz. Rum, light
  • 5 oz. Vodka
  • 1 can Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
  • 1 3/4 qt. Ginger Ale

Mixing Instructions

Combine ingredients in a punch bowl. Serve in tumblers.

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