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Drink of the Week for Jul 25th, 2003: Purple Hooter

What we had to say

Normally near the end of July, we would send out a Drink of the Week lamenting the nearness of August, which is too close to September for our liking. However, that is not the case this week, as we have a most excellent BBQ party to attend. It will be replete with all the amenities for party success: food, drink, good people, and flaming rodeo clowns. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like rodeo clowns? Sure, they smell a bit gamey, and actually, they're kind of scary when you think about it. But these rodeo clowns light themselves on fire, so it's all good. We're not sure where you can get them, but we'll try to find out for you. Maybe your local party store.

We don't have much more to say, really. It's a beautiful summer, so if you haven't had your friends over for some party fun, you're missing out. Phone 'em up and enjoy the weekend, with or without rodeo clowns.

Rating:   6.2 / 10   (70 votes)

Purple Hooter Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2003-07-25. Check out the review!
No picture of this cocktail available.

Glass to Use

Shot glassShot glass


Mixing Instructions

Mix together over ice and strain into shot glass. Check out purple lobster for another option.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funky readers, Lynda!

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