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Drink of the Week for Nov 27th, 2004: Tacomancer

What we had to say

We were feeling overly brave and adventurous this week, so we cancelled our Drinknation vs. Angry Bears boxing competition, and instead decided to clean the office. Spirits were high at first, but then we lost one of our copy-writers to a pool of quicksand that had apparently formed from dust bunnies and spilled coffee. We proceeded further though, hacking our way through giant cobwebs and sentient vines mutated out of old ethernet cable. We found a nest of spiders as big as ponies, but dispatched them easily with hurled week-old doughnuts and rubber-band paperclip shooters. These didn't work quite as well on Tim, the editor who went rogue on us two years ago after imbibing copious quantities of cheap lager. He ambushed us in the depths of the supply room, and we were forced to Nerf-dart him into submission and turn him over to the local authorities, who apparently released him on the condition that he work as a mutual-fund broker. In retrospect, we would have had an easier time with the pugilistic ursines, but it is nice having a clean office, and we managed to find our red stapler in the sub-basement to boot.

Annnnnd.... here's a unique drink for you.

Rating:   6.1 / 10   (14 votes)

Tacomancer Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2004-11-27. Check out the review!
No picture of this cocktail available.

Glass to Use

Mason JarMason Jar


Mixing Instructions

Combine espresso and peach schnapps in a large mason jar. Fill with Dr. Pepper and stir.

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