Submit your drink recipes!

So, you think your drink is good enough to put in the Drinknation database? Well, does it contain alcohol? Alright then!

Just let us know what your drink is called, what ingredients it has (and how much of each ingredient!), and how to make it. We'll take a look and stick it in our database (we'll even credit it to you if you want, just give us your name and email address). Heck, if it looks drinkable, we'll probably stop work for the day and invite all our friends over to try it out. If it's the best drink we've tasted since the boss accidentally blew up our basement still, we might even put it in our Drink of the Week newsletter.

Hit us with it!

We have to spout a bunch of guidelines and legal mumbo jumbo here, just so the more scrofulous of you can't take advantage of us after a hard day of, uh, "recipe verification" (you know who you are, Richard Simmons, and don't be trying to submit your "Gin 'Sweating to the Oldies' Martini" again, or you'll hear from our Editor's mom).

  • Double check to make sure the recipe you're submitting isn't on our site already. Duplicates will be ignored.
  • DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. That's considered yelling... yelling makes us sad.
  • Don't replace words with cute little shortcuts. If you replace "you" with "u" and "are" with "r", we will replace your drink submission with "deleted".
  • Please write in English. We don't know any other languages, and unfortunately can't understand your superb Tequila recipe straight from the ancient oral history of Grutas de Balankanche. It sounds good though.
  • Please submit a complete recipe. Drinks without mixing instructions, ingredients, ingredient amounts or any other pertinent information cannot be added to our database.
  • The drink "Beer", with ingredients "Beer: One can", will not be accepted. If you submit that, we will hunt you down and our dad will beat up your dad.
  • We get a lot of drink submissions, and we review each and every one. Because of this, it can sometimes take up to several weeks to get to your submission. We try to get to them as fast as we can, but not doing work is so much more relaxing, and sometimes we do that instead.
  • We reserve the right to modify submission for content, because let's face it, some of you just can't spell (you know who you are). All submissions become the immediate property of Eternal Wombat Studios (that's our company), and we reserve the right to publish submitted recipes on the website and elsewhere.
  • By submitting a recipe to, you agree to assign all rights to the material/content you are submitting, and furthermore are submitting only original content that has not been stolen, copied or reproduced from existing copyrighted works
  • In a nutshell... you won't sue us for publishing what you submit.

One final note: If you have an account, you should log in before submitting your recipe. If you don't have one, you should consider registering before you submit. It's free, and it allows you to easily track and find your recipe submissions.

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