Drinking Games » Three Man

'Three Man' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 3 - No limit

Everyone takes turns rolling one die until someone rolls a three. This person then becomes the three man.

The game then proceeds around the circle with people taking turns rolling two dice.

Meaning of Rolls

3: Whoever is the three man must drink. If the three man rolls this then he may pass the title to a person of his choosing.
7: Person to the right of "roller" drinks
9: Person across from "roller" drinks
10: Social...everyone drinks
11: Person to the left of "roller" drinks

Other dice combinations:

4 and 1: Whoever rolls this become the Thumb-Master. They can place their thumb on the table whenever they want. Everyone else must put their thumbs on the table as soon as this happens - the last person to notice and do it must drink. The Thumb-Master can only change when someone else rolls a 4 and 1.

Doubles: When someone rolls double they give the dice to someone of their choosing. This person rolls the dice and if they don't roll doubles, they suffer a penalty. The doubles penalty should be determined at the start of the game. Some suggested penalties are taking off an article of clothing or drinking for a number of seconds equal to the value of the dice.

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