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Should I use Facebook or Drinknation to log in? What's the difference?

The short version: use Facebook if you have a Facebook account.

The long version:

If you have an account on Facebook, chances are good that you're logged into it already, and just like us, are probably logged into it most of the time.

Drinknation uses the Facebook API (programming jargon for "talking to each other") to allow you to use your Facebook account to log in to Drinknation. Drinknation acts like any other facebook application, such as Farmville, Slots, Mafia Wars, etc. This makes it extremely convenient to come to our site and not have to worry about remembering a separate username/password, or worry about clicking on weird blog buttons that ask for 3 step login procedures just to post something to a social networking site. Drinknation just becomes like an extension of Facebook, letting you share stuff you find here.

Benefits: Allowing Drinknation to connect to Facebook lets you post recipes and comments to your news feed when you find great content on our site you want to share. It also gives you all the benefits described in the next section ("Why should I bother logging in at all?") automatically, without having to sign up for a regular Drinknation account and have to remember a username/password for yet another website.

If you just want to use a regular Drinknation account, some of the facebook integrated features won't be available to you, and you'll need to remember your username/password for Hey, it's what we did for years, back in 'ought two. You kids and your fancypants facebookin' - when we were young, we had to transfer data over 28.8 baud modems, and it was uphill both ways!

If you're concerned about how Drinknation works with your Facebook data, see our section on Facebook Connect in our privacy policy.

Why should I bother logging in at all?

Yeah, that's something we say all the time too. Especially when the boss comes around and asks us to do something. Usually he says "You won't get fired", but sometimes he just hits us and puts the chains back on. We're thinking of maybe telling him how we feel.

But enough about us. You want to know why you should bother getting yet another username and password on yet another web site? Ok. Here's some reasons.

  • Your favourite recipes can't get deleted - If you don't have an account, then you run the risk of deleting the recipes you've added to "your favourites", as well as any bar ingredients you've added to "your bar", whenever you delete your browser cookies. This can be a real pain, and is one of the primary reasons we've made it possible to get an account. Your selections will be stored safely in our database, and can't be accidentally deleted.
  • Imperial to Metric conversions - You can save your recipe display preferences, and your settings will be saved. We do the conversions for you, so you don't have to memorize how many deciliters in a bushel. (It's 352.390702, but see, you don't have to know that anymore.)
  • Find your submitted recipes - By associating any recipes you might submit with your account, it makes it easy for you to find them again. We put links right in your account page so you can show all your friends your recipes and get them to make them for you.
  • Privacy - We don't care who you are, where you live, or if you prefer Mary-Kate over Ashley. The only thing you need to register with is a working email address. And heck, you can get those anywhere.
  • We'll kill these puppies if you don't - Seriously. We will. We're that crazy, man, we'll do it! Ha ha... we're just kidding. They're so cute! Awww... the widdle puppies. Er... where were we?
  • Oh yeah, the reasons - right. We kind of got sidetracked by that puppy thing.
  • All the cool kids do it - If that doesn't get you, then nothing will.

In summary: it's easy, and it's worth it. So:

Click here to register!
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