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Drink of the Week for Nov 15th, 2003: Amaretto Tea

What we had to say

Comin' to you from the street with the beat, here's your drink. Not only is this tasty, but really extra good for you, since it has tea in it. According to pretty much everybody, tea makes you into some sort of metabolic superman, where you get the ability to fight off evil bacteria and viruses just by drinking it. And if it happens to have ginseng in it, then you will be so healthy that Ponce de Leon will come back to haunt you. Extrapolating from that postulation, we engineered a potion of such potency that a single sip would endow you with huge bulging muscles, a super healing factor and a sense of guilt if you don't help old ladies cross the street. Unfortunately the FDA shut us down under the guise of the Terrorist Prevention Act, because if the terrorists got ahold of it they might start using their powers for good, and with no guidelines in place to be able to collect tax revenue from all those good deeds, the government would have none of it. Also they like killing terrorists better.

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Amaretto Tea Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2003-11-15. Check out the review!
Amaretto Tea drink recipe

Glass to Use

Irish Coffee MugIrish Coffee Mug

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions

Pour hot tea into an Irish coffee glass. Add the amaretto slowly, without stirring, and top with chilled whipped cream. Serve quickly.

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