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These are the latest cocktail recipes that we have added to our database, as submitted to us by our readers.

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Drink name Contributed by
Apple Cream Pop MartiniDamien
Grape Cream Pop MartiniDamien
Affogato al CaffeIppolita Douglas Scoti
Leprechaun's Triple Bypassdoug bledsoe
Paul CreamyKrrl
Bloated Corpse Of Czechslovakian Doctor Found In Everglades By A Vampiredoug bledsoe
Sir SwerveKevin Darley
Sex by the FireplaceJeff Stowers
Clear Bomber
Corsican BrotherGoodebuzz
Freaky GirlJoel Rivera
O'Malley the Alley GayCho, Em, Kat, Ser
Dr. CrumPaul S.
Yellow Monster
Beam in Red SharpGoodebuzz
Gentleman SwerveKevin Darley
Rusted-Out MufflerGoodebuzz
Strawberry-Peach FusionTimothy Burns
Ewok In Blackwater Castle Channeling The Ghost of WB Yeatsdoug bledsoe
Beam SourGoodebuzz
Goosey JuiceMG
Green Hornet #2Goodebuzz
Liquid Green AwesomeBJ Marshall the Insanely Oversexed
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